Veggie Grill

“When eating plant-based food, we want people to realize that they don’t have to deny themselves anything. They say, ‘Wow, this tastes great, and I can eat it everyday!’”

Umami Burger

“Since introducing Impossible to our menu last year, it’s been in the top 3 burgers sold in nearly all locations, increased overall sales by 27% during first 6 weeks of launch (began in 9 locations in LA, now at 20) and representing ~20% of overall sales.”

Blaze Pizza

“Vegan should not be an afterthought, it should be a forethought, it is the future.”


“The amount of first-time guests we have gotten through the doors because of our plant-based burgers is amazing; and these guests become repeat/loyal customers. Not only is it great for guest acquisition, it’s also a dream for press and word-of-mouth marketing.”

Brad Farmerie

“When I found the Impossible Burger…I was excited because it was healthy, it has an environmental impact reduction, and there was a fun challenge in preparing and serving it.”

Matthew Kenney

“Plant-based is the only food you can eat everyday, feel good about, and know that it’s good for the planet. Millenials get that.”