Hungry Planet Southwest Chipotle Chicken Patty


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soy protein, wheat protein, sunflower oil, vegetable gum

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11 lbs.

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Hungry Planet Chicken™ Southwest Chipotle Patties (vegan) are a delicious, sustainable and healthful plant-based meat. Patties can be served as a sandwich or sliced and used as a salad topping, etc. Hungry Planet Chicken™ Southwest Chipotle Patty is a delicious, healthful, premium plant protein product free of animal ingredients and made without genetically modified ingredients.

Cooking Methods: Hungry Planet Chicken™ Southwest Chipotle Patties can be deep fried, cooked on an oiled grill, flat top, conventional oven, impinger oven, or nonstick pan. Cook to an internal temperature of 160℉ before consuming.

> No trans or saturated fats, antibiotics or cholesterol
> Less calories, less fat and more iron than conventional animal meat
> Contains important nutrients including iron and potassium
> Substitute directly for traditional chicken in any recipe