Hungry Planet Classic Burger (4oz)


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11 lbs.


soy protein concentrate, sunflower oil, vegetable gum

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Description: The Hungry Planet Beef™ Classic Burger (vegan) is four ounces of hearty taste and texture, created in the Midwest for serious meat lovers, as well as vegetarians and vegans, who want a delectable, healthy plant-based option. It can be swapped for a traditional beef patty and few will know the difference. Hungry Planet Beef™ is a delicious, healthful, premium plant protein product free of animal ingredients and made without genetically modified ingredients.

Cooking Methods: The Hungry Planet Beef™ Classic Burger (4.0oz) can be cooked on a grill, flat top, conventional oven, impinger oven, or nonstick pan just like conventional meat. From highly chilled, simply season as desired after brushing completely with oil. 160°F thermal rise, about 4 minutes per side. Best kept in a covered in a moist heat environment until ready to serve.

> No trans or saturated fats, antibiotics or cholesterol
> Non-GMO; No Gluten
> Less calories, less fat and more iron than conventional animal meat