Euripides Pelekanos


Bareburger is a New York-based chain of 45 gourmet burger joints which emphasizes healthy, sustainably-produced menu items. Bareburger started offering the Impossible Burger in 2017 and added the Beyond Burger to its menus in early 2018.

Bareburger Attracts New Diners with the Impossible Burger 

During the launch, 60% of diners came in specifically to try the Impossible Burger.


Q: Why did your restaurant choose to add plant-based entrées (Impossible Burger) to your menu?

Euripides: Bareburger has built a menu with not one, but two plant-based burgers because we believe that this is the future of protein in America. Menus all over have multiple versions of veggie and vegan burgers side-by-side; so why not two plant-based burgers?!


Q: What are the benefits from a business perspective of offering the Impossible Burger?

Euripides: From a business perspective the benefits of offering plant-based meats like the Impossible & Beyond burgers are huge. The amount of first-time guests we have gotten through the doors because of our plant-based burgers is amazing; and these guests become repeat/loyal customers. Not only is it great for guest acquisition, it’s also a dream for press and word-of-mouth marketing.


Q: Did you see an overall sales increase once plant-based products were carried?

Euripides: We did see an overall sales increase once we started serving plant-based products. At the beginning some locations were selling almost as many plant-based burgers as they were beef burgers!


Q: Are more plant-based eaters now coming into your restaurants?

Euripides: I would say that we are getting more strict vegans coming in repeatedly but the real surprise has been the jump in meat eaters devouring these [plant-based] burgers time-after-time.


Q: Do you have insights into whether consumers ordering the plant-based entrées are vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian?

Euripides: We’ve actually found that around 60% of the customers ordering the plant-based burgers are meat eaters!


Q: Do you have insight into whether the plant-based offerings are attracting new consumers to your restaurant?

Euripides: When we first started serving the Impossible Burger we saw that about 6/10 diners came through the door specifically to try the Impossible Burger. Those numbers tapered out a bit as these guests come back and explore other plant-based/vegan options.


Q: What new plant-based products would you like to see manufacturers develop?

Euripides: It would be so great to see any protein that we typically eat as a plant-based option.


Q: What promotions seem most effective for plant-based dishes?

Euripides: Digital media has been huge in effectively promoting our plant-based dishes. Features on major food blogs like Buzzfeed, Thrillist, and First We Feast have created a buzz around our plant-based offerings that has translated into a ton of guests through the doors.


Q:  Do you see any social media impact from your plant-based options?

Euripides: The plant-based options are extremely Instagram friendly. I doubt if there has been one guest who’s eaten one who hasn’t posted about it.