The Good Food Restaurant Scorecard ranks the top 100* restaurant brands according to the breadth and depth of their plant-based menu entrées and their promotion of plant-based eating.

*Nation’s Restaurant News Top 100, 2019


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“GFI has been a great partner for us as we explore menu options and understand the consumer trends at a deeper level.” John C. Scott, VP Global Sustainability Subway
"When we launched the Beyond Meat Burger, we saw a 67% sales lift compared to our previous meatless burger, which was a black bean patty." David Spirito TGI Fridays
"Vegan should not be an afterthought, it should be a forethought, it is the future.” Brad Kent Blaze Pizza
“Since introducing Impossible to our menu last year, it’s been in the top 3 burgers sold in nearly all locations, increased overall sales by 27% during first 6 weeks of launch (began in 9 locations in LA, now at 20) and representing ~20% of overall sales.” Daniel del Olmo Umami Burger
“When eating plant-based food, we want people to realize that they don’t have to deny themselves anything. They say, ‘Wow, this tastes great, and I can eat it everyday!’” Steve Heeley Veggie Grill
“The amount of first-time guests we have gotten through the doors because of our plant-based burgers is amazing; and these guests become repeat/loyal customers. Not only is it great for guest acquisition, it’s also a dream for press and word-of-mouth marketing.” Euripides Pelekanos Bareburger
"Plant forward is the number one diet and lifestyle trend we’re following. In particular, the movement to reduce meat consumption with a flexible diet as opposed to a no meat diet. For many people, plant-forward eating is becoming a wellness or environmental choice, often both." Sara Burnett Panera
Consumers are seeking plant-based entrées

Business Opportunity

  • Plant-based dishes saw a 19% increase in orders in 2017 (GrubHub)
  • Growth of term “vegan” on U.S. menus since 2008: 490% (Datassential MenuTrends)

Including plant-based menu options will appeal to consumers’ changing tastes while showing customers, investors, and employees that your company is committed to sustainability and long-term financial success.

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25% of consumers want to reduce their meat intake (Datassential, 2017)
$3.7 billion US retail sales of plant-based foods (Nielsen, 2018)
50% of Millennials eat meat alternatives a few times per week (Mintel, 2017)
17% YOY increase of US plant-based retail food sales (Nielsen, 2018)
Consumers want protein

Plants = Protein

Many consumers aren’t aware just how much protein can be found in plants! Consumers are seeking out protein for health, satiety, weight management, and other reasons, with 50% of consumers reporting they have protein at every meal. Positioning plant-based entrees as high-protein options will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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